Pine and Rocks, Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe Region”
Watercolor by Lorenzo P. Latimer
Collection of the Brewery Arts Center

Lorenzo P. Latimer

   Born in Gold Hill, California in 1857, Lorenzo P. Latimer was a critically acclaimed landscape painter. Celebrating the magnificent redwood forests of northern California, Latimer worked in oils but was best known for his watercolor studies.  Much of Latimer’s work was done in the field or what is known as plein-air painting.  It was during these plein-air excursions in the early 20th century that the painter captured the Sierra Nevada and numerous scenes of Lake Tahoe and Fallen Leaf Lake.

   During his trips to the Tahoe area, Latimer began teaching students in Reno, Nevada.  In 1921 a number of his Reno students organized the Latimer Art Club.  Early members of the LAC, known as “Latimers”, became a strong organization supporting the arts in Reno and were instrumental in the founding of the Sierra Nevada Museum of Art now called the Nevada Museum of Art. 

   Throughout his career, Lorenzo Latimer received honors for his work that included election to various art societies and inclusion of his large murals in World Fairs.  His teaching and his body of paintings continue to inspire present-day members of the Latimer Art Club.